Work / Life Balance – a hard thing to achieve

Recently I read one of THE best media related articles about hard work.
About the balance you can achieve between success and having a life.
Seeing your friends and family often enough. Hell, even having you own family or just a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Thank you Mr. Philip Bloom for turning your inside out and sharing this with all of us!

Many people think ‘work’ and ‘having a life’ are two things that don’t go together very well.
And to a certain extent I would say: that is true.
Personally I think it is hard to find someone in your life that will accept you doing everything you need in order to be successful.
Spending so many hours shooting or in front of your computer.. just doing.. err.. ‘stuff’.
And even if you do have such a wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend you still want to spend time with her/him.
But on the other hand you (at least initially) need really much time in order to achieve your work goals. In order to not just be mediocre.
Being mediocre makes anybody just equally unhappy and unsatisfied as does being alone… or being lonely.

Anybody who can relate to this problem should read this article and think of changing habits. Changing the way he does his work.

At this point I want to thank my lovely wife for understanding that sometimes I need to sit at my computer just doing ‘stuff’.
Or going out sitting in front of my camera and watching it ‘click away’ – taking thousands of pictures
that I am then putting together – again – at my computer to a  timelapse movie.

Thank you for understanding that my work is also my hobby and my passion and that mediocracy at what I do would make me a so unhappy and frustrated person.
I love you for that (and so many other things), Denice