Timelapse Reel 2012

This is a short collection of timelapse sequences I shot in early 2012.

The purpose of this reel was to determine a suitable 4k workflow.
Also how much processing time it would take to finish a 3 minute sequence.

Everything is shot in over 5k (5D Mark II Raw 5616×3744) and edited in Adobe Premiere CS6 in 4k.
Many shots were HDR Shots. I merged and edited those in Adobe After Effects with a plugin called “Ginger HDR
The bulb ramping shots were done with the “Promote Control
I tried to stick with the original footage until the final stage (transcode to 4k CineForm).
My Windows computer pretty much went down on its knees.


  • i7 960 3.2gHz quadcore
  • 32GB DDR3-1600
  • 256GB OCZ RevoDrive X2
  • Internal SATA Raid5
  • and one BIG flaw –> ATI Radeon HD 5800

The final export from Adobe Premiere took 38 hrs for the 4k file.
It definitely is a workflow that includes a lot of waiting.
But you gotta love the sharpness of the final output!